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Our Training and Engineering department


Authorized body since 1994, Emitech offers trainings directly linked to the activities of our laboratory (specialized in environmental tests applicable to electrical and electronic equipment).



Trainings are intended to people who design, manufacture or market product and who have to follow applicable regulation or qualification requirements.



Our Training & Engineering department located in Montigny le Bretonneux (78) manages and coordinates your entire training project via intercompany courses or intra-company courses when custom solution is needed.



For more informations, see www.formation-emitech.fr


Our 7 commitments

Our educational team takes part in many work group and committee about environment tests, related standards and applicable regulations.


The content of our training is revised every year to reflect requirements and technologic changes.


Courses are based on active teaching. An inquiry is made before each training course. It allows trainer to adapt the content to the participants.

It aims is also to egg on participants to use their own equipment / electronic boards as case study, for custom practical demonstration within our laboratories.


Overall, our trainings follow 7 commitments :

  1. Sharing
  2. Passing on our expertise and experience
  3. Training on human scale
  4. Develop your knowledge and skills
  5. Building functional and practical training
  6. Optimize each time of the training
  7. Flexible and changes schedule





Montigny centre

Our main training centre is located in Montigny le Bretonneux (78) in an adjacent building to EMC laboratories.


Most of our intercompany training are hand out in other Emitech location. Please find date and location in our Training catalogue and on www.emitech-news.com.


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