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Nos solutions Recognitions of Emitech Group

Quality at your service


Our certificate, accreditation and recognition are not only the foil of our technical skill and tests capacities.



Some recognition like the Cofrac accreditation attests that we are following the quality reference NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 relevant to laboratories. Others are tools at your disposal to take into account our test report outside France or allow us to propose you complementary services like engineering.


Recognition, either they are compulsory, or are requested by a partner or just a value added service, they are diverse and play a more and more important role for laboratories.



Description here is not exhaustive, so, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.






Cofrac Accreditation


Emitech is Cofrac (French accreditation committee) accredited which mean we are complying with the requirements of NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 reference applicable to laboratories.

Our commitment are :

  • the guarantee of a third part laboratory (fairness, independence, integrity)
  • traceability and metrology
  • technical legitimacy
  • confidentiality


All the Emitech Group centres follow the rules of our Quality manual whatever is their accreditation.


The list of our accreditation are available on www.cofrac.fr.



Please contact us for more info on our accreditation, their evolution and schedules.








European Directives



CE marking


Organisme notifiéEmitech is Notified body for the RED directive.






"e" marking (Directive 95/54/EC) - E (rule ECE n°10) and Directive 2004/104/EC


 TUV Automotive recognition

Tests realised by Emitech in the frame of e marking and associated procedures are considered by our partner TÜV Automotive in Munich.


Directives linked to the CE marking (EMC or R&TTE directives) may have to be carry out and so our recognition as notified body are implemented.








Our advantages for your export markets



CB scheme : Certification Body Testing Laboratory


Certification Body Testing LaboratoryEmitech is recognised as CBTL in the frame of the international agreements C.B. (C.B. scheme) for electrical safety services.

A CBTL lab carry out electrical safety tests in the category for which it has the authorization by its CB - Certification Body (IMQ for Emitech).

The CB scheme is an international system for acceptance of test reports. It involved actors from signatory countries (more than 50) for approval process which can be requested and/or to access a certification mark.




Partnerships for your certification process


IMQ is the Certification Body of Emitech in the frame of the CB scheme.





Involvement in the Mutual Recognition Agreement or MRA


Conformity Assessment BodyEmitech is recognised as Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) in the frame of the Mutual Recognition Agreement signed between Europe and more and more countries (United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland ...).

The range of these agreements may be limited by the disparity of the regulation to apply but it allows the recognition of test results done by our laboratories in the different affiliated countries.





Focus on recognitions dedicated to North American market

  • EMC requirements / American and Canadian Radio

    FCC ListedIn United States the EMC requirements meet the radio aspects of the frequency spectrum management. They are mainly managed by the Federal Communications Commission and only concern the emission aspect (forget the immunity aspect). Specific rules are applicable to radio transmitter.

    Three procedures are applicable depending on the product type : checking, DoC or certification, this last one needs to be "FCC listed".

    Industrie Canada Emitech is recognised by Industrie Canada for all approval procedure of radiocommunication equipment which required measures in open test site area.
    Although bilateral agreements on FCC regulation exist with United States, if technical rules differ, it is the Industrie Canada which is requisite.

  • Requirements linked to electrical risk prevention

    In United States, equipment for professional use must follow the NEC requirements as well as specific requirements from a State or a town. The support to a certification mark, recognise by the NRTL program, allows to proof the product conformity.

    In order to release their legal responsibility, distributor of products dedicated to general public can ask for a mark to be affixed on the product.

    On the canadian market, affixing a certification mark is compulsory whatever is the product purpose.








Quality policy subjected to your approval


The quality policy of Emitech's Group is based on a voluntarist approach with 4 objectives :

  • Ordering party' satisfaction - Review of contract and request, satisfaction survey, ...
  • Optimization of our functioning - Regular internal quality audits , preventive actions, ...
  • Detecting and treating possible dysfunction - management of non conformity form, corrective action, ...
  • Motivation of our team - Training, communication, ...

We are pleased to participate to external audit as they improve our quality system.
Please note that formal recognition can be presented to us following one of these audit (for example, automotive manufacturer self agreement).


Our quality system is following the ISO 9000 standards.