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Within Emitech Group, the QAMAS department, french acronyme for automotive, military, aeronautics and space specifications, groups our lab allowing you to check the compliance of your equipment with the functional criteria in 4 environmental field :

  • electromagnetic (and electrical phenomenon),
  • thermal and climatic (heat, cold, humidity, fast temperature changes, resistance,...),
  • mechanical (vibrations, shocks, acceleration, ...)
  • general environment (sand, dust, fungus, solar ray, salt spray, ...)



Qualification test campaign may come from in-house quality policy. This is to check that a product complies with the requirements of its profile or, more generally, is part of a contract between the ordering part and the supplier.


The aim is also to ensure that the equipment will met its own requirements in terms of qualification and also prevent any possible failure from its subparts.


The contract may also include penalty clauses linked to possible delivery delay due to non conformity during test.




Our Training & Engineering department offers customised solution before the tests to ensure environmental requirements at each key steps oy your project.


Qualification   Requirements from an ordering party
Qualification automobile   Automotive qualifications

EMC, climatic, mechanical, acoustics, reliability, ... manufacturer specifications apply to all electrical and electronic vehicle sub-parts.

Qualification Militaire   Military qualifications

Most elctrical and electronic equipment and sub-parts integrated in a military application, drone, missiles, tanks,... can be tested in our labs.

Qualification aéronautique   Aeronautics and space qualifications

Due to the air transport security, plane qualifications are the most demanding in the world. As a consequence, aeronautics manufacturer have these same high level of requirements for their suppliers through their specifications.

Laboratoires SERCE   4 complementary fields
Essais de qualification en CEM   Electromagnetic compatibility

Electromagntic compatibility requirements can be particularly high to take into account specific uses (automotive, military, aeronautics or space qualifications).

Essais de qualification en environnements climatiques et mécaniques   Climatic & mechanical

What may be the effect of cold, heat, shock or vibration on my equipment? In many fields, the question is asked since the design. For more complex equipment, the sub-parts would also be subjected to qualifications.

Fiabilité, méthodologie HALT et HASS   Reliability

How to make an equipment more reliable, increase the success of qualifications, reduce the number of youth breakdown?
The method of accelerated HALT tests, allows to detect the working limits or even the breaking limits.
By repeated, you build the hardiness of your product.

Essais acoustiques   Acoustics

From the design which allows to increase the sales, to the compliance with regulation, our acoustics lab support you in your quality and marketing process.








Our advantages


  • The lab complementarity in terms of environment,
  • Our ability to carry out the most demanding qualifications,
  • The number of test campaigns which can be realised simultaneously,
  • The daily qualifications carrying out,
  • Our test support during and even before the deign.




These adavantages come from our know-how and outstanding resources :


  • Unique EMC means
    • Immunity
      HIRF tests up to 6000 V/m in mode stirred reverberation chamber from 10 kHz to 40 GHz
    • Emission
      Measurements from DC to 40 GHz
    • Indirect lightning
      3 platform to simulate the indirect effects of lightning in aeronautics
    • An unequalled test capacity
      37 shielded rooms from which 3 are compatible with test on big systems and vehicles
  • Complementary fields
    • Climatic and mechanical environments
      16 shakers, 52 climatic chambers, ...
    • Reliability
      HALT & HASS rooms
    • Acoustics
      1 semi-anechoïc chamber, 3 reverberating rooms, ...