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Regarding the difficulties of implementation, the digital simulation is a profitable or even recommended approach to:

  • Assess electromagnetic and mechanical environments,
  • Discover technical problems before the tests,
  • Validate technical solutions before or after the tests.


Within the worlwide industrial competition, the issue is to reduce development time and costs linked to each cycle steps. However, high technology products have to satisfy more and more quality and reliability criteria.



In this context, Emitech offers you the possibility to accelerate your development thanks to 20 years of experience with powerful means like digital simulation, and so to support you from the design to the placing on the market of your product.





The simulation within our assistance solutions

Numerical simulation is a service managed by our Training and Engineering department.

This department has a team of 10 experts in EMC and radio.
They benefits from the Group labs' experience and regularly work with the software publisher.


The synergy between classical analyse and simulation works for global assistance process as well as for occasional service.

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The numerical simulation is a tool for our engineering in 4 main cases.



First one is the characterization of an environment (electromagnetic or vibratory). The subject can be to assess the features of an actual environment or on the go (for example with new transmitter). The objective is to describe specifications applicable to equipment which will have to be compatible with this environment.

The subject can also be to calculate the people exposure to electromagnetic waves before the manufacturing of an equipment intended to be used by general public or workers.


The second case occured during the product design. The numerical simulation allows to assess the risk of non conformity for equipment not yet available.

In electromagnetism

  • Design and set in place of an antenna on a structure
  • Design of a shielding box or package
  • Optimization of an electrical connector
  • ...

In mechanical vibration

  • Design of a structure subjected to vibrations
  • Design of a specific test tool
  • Calculation of mechanical safety margins
  • ...


The third case happened during the checking validation time and concerns the test preparation. The simulation allows to assess the risk of non conformity on products which are not available. This allows provisional validation before the made of prototypes. The range of analyzes is various.


In electromagnetism

  • Calculation of the specific absorption rate (SAR)
  • assessment of the shielding efficiency
  • Appraisal of the immunity (coupling incident field to wire)
  • Preview of radiated emission by a subpart
  • Calculation of curent supply of a direct ligthning shock
  • ...

In vibro-mechanical

  • Research of the own frequency of a complex structure (housing, frame....)
  • Appraisal of the acceleration in a structure following a shock 
  • Maximum deformation linked to an harmonic stimulation
  • ...


The last case comes from a non conformity meet during tests. The numerical simulation intervene to validate or not the changes before carrying out a new test campaign.



The advantages of simulation

  • Pre-validation on virtual prototypes
  • Optimization of qualification tests
  • Preparation of destructive tests without any risk
  • Concrete preview of complex phenomenon
  • Advantage of advanced analyzing tools without supporting purchase or training costs
  • Experts in simulation at your service

The numerical simulation help to secure the development of your product and so marketing time and costs.



Our capacity


Emitech is able to deal with most DAO file format (STEP, IGES, SAT, STL ....) and also offer 3D modelling skills.


The calculation power of our dedicated stations allows us to give fast answer even for heavy problem ( 32 Go de RAM).

The softwares used are industrial and scientific references :


Electromagnetism & EMC




  • ANSYS Structural 






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