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Nos solutions Emitech, leader des essais en environneemnt

Tests, certification and qualification of electronical products


Test campaigns following regulation or specification required by a buyer generally concern several environments.


Each type of environment is taken into account by dedicated labs through our administrative, technical and quality organization.

Whatever is your test request, you'll will be in contact with a technical representative specialist in this field.


Our centre generally gather several complementary labs. Depending on your request, your contact will manage the use of different labs (and even labs from other centre) to offer you a global solution.




Certification   CE marking, US / Canada market, export markets,...
  Essais radio   Radio
  Essais sécurité électrique   Electrical safety
  essais CEM   EMC
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Qualification   Automotive, military, aeronautics,... specification
  Essais CEM   EMC
  Essais climatiques et mécaniques   Climatic & mechanical