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CE marking
Marquage CE   Essential in Europe

We support you at each key steps to check conformity :
- Training, tests, engineering
- Directive EMC, Low Voltage and R&TTE
Our notifications allow us to use the most adapted procedure to your case.

Essais HALT   Reduce your aftersales costs

The HALT tests allow you to build the robustness of your product and to reduce the development time.
You validate the use of new technology more quickly and your equipment is more reliable with a reduced level of breakdown.

Essais acoustiques   Fight against noise
Regulation to follow,work hardness, ..., our lab allows to realise a complete acoustics assessment of your equipment or installation.
EMC pb
Sites perturtés   We intervene in France and abroad
Electrical and electronic systems are sensitive to EMC phenomenon.
Our teams intervene in a short period to reproduce problems and solve them.
Export markets
Marchés Exports   Access to new markets

Our knowledge in international regulations, our recognitions and our partnerships, allows to consider the marketing of your product in the main countries of the world.
Once the contry is targeted and after an assessment of the tests already carried out, we propose an adapted action plan.

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