• Tests, certification and qualification of electronical products
  • Environmental tests: complementary laboratories
  • Complete solutions to answer your needs
  • Dedicated solutions for your activity
  • Build your english intra course

Emitech is the french specialist in tests and certification


You probably don't know it, but when you use your personal computer, make a coffee, listen to music, travel by car, train, boat or aircraft or when you are at your workplace, you may have used an electrical or electronical equipment tested by Emitech.


From toys to aircraft's subparts, all electrical products need our services.

The Emitech specificity is to support all the manufacturers, suppliers,
importers or resellers of electrical equipments :

  • Certification - Mandatory requirements before and/or during the
    marketing of products - general public, medical, industrial,
    telecom, ... like CE Marking for the European Market
  • Qualification - Tests specifications fixed by a buyer to its suppliers
    such as automotive, military, aeronautical or space qualifications


We support you at every step of your project, providing three main services for a global performance :

  • Training courses
  • Advice & Engineering
  • Test laboratories in complementary fields

We intervene at each step of your project from the initial research of the applicable test requirements for your product, to the global test campaigns with intermediary services like design assistance.


15 centres in France for worldwide services

The headquarter of the Emitech Group and its main laboratories are located near Paris. The different Emitech centres are located in the six main economic areas in France.
Every day, we support our customers from everywhere in the world for their products used all around the world.