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Nos solutions Electrical Safety Laboratory: for protection of persons, domestic animals and porperty

Safety of electrical equipments


Electrical and electronic products present possible risks for the users and the environment which are mainly fire and elctrical risks.


Electrical safety tests assess the resistance to heat and fire, the thermal behaviours (warm up measures), the dielectric rigidity, the ressistance to shock but also the marking, the user guide and the non-accessibility to hazardous area (test finger).

These equipments should not become dangerous even if used in wrong conditions.


Electrical and electronic equipments are freqently made of components and sub-parts already assessed. An important part of a lab work is based on a study of the proof of conformity of all theses elements.





The context of electrical safety tests

For ages, designers of electrical products have set design rules to protect their customers and property.

Within each country, these rules have become standards, and now the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) coordinate the evolution of electrical safety standards.

Standards are tools for industrials to check the safety of their equipment, but placing a product on the market usually requires an approval or a certification.



In Europe, no product can be markets without the CE marking. It allows the legal responsible to prove its equipment comply with the entire applicable directives.

The directive 2006/95/EC (amend the directive 73/23/EEC) define eleven safety objectives applicable to any electrical devices used in rated voltage between 50 and 1000 V for alternative current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current (no power voltage limits for product concerned by the R&TTE directive).

The requirements on the waves warning are issued from this directive and the standards to be used in this case (products exceeding the frame of the radio equipments : electric heater, welder,...) are published in the same list of harmonised standards in the official journal.

The conformity demonstration is mainly made by applying harmonised standards added with possible national deviation. But Emitech may intervene as notified body to give its expert notice on other types of conformity demonstration.




Outside Europe (see USA / Canada markets), to stamp a certification mark may be fixed by States as a regulation commitment. In opposition to the CE marking, the responsibility of a mark is supported by the certification body (CB) and not directly by the manufacturer.


The recognition in the world of the tests carrying out in our labs is supported by our involvment in the CB scheme. This scheme is based on the mutual recognition to obtain certification or approval at a national level.


Our electrical safety labs are recognised by IMQ as CBTL (certification body testing laboratory) which is our CB in the frame of the CB scheme.





Standards and specifications treated*

European regulation

Low Voltage Directive

Harmonised standards and associated amendments

CEI | EN | NF 60950-1 (Information technology equipment)

CEI | EN | NF 61558-1 / 61010-1 (Industrial or laboratory equipment)

CEI | EN | NF 60598-1 / EN 60598-2-x (Luminaires)

CEI | EN | NF 60065 (Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus)

CEI | EN | NF 60335-1 / 60335-2-x (Electrical household appliance)

CEI | EN | NF 61347-1 / 61347-2-x (Lamp controlgear)

CEI | EN | NF 60601-1 (Medical electrical equipment)

CEI | EN | NF 60745-1 (Hand-held motor operated electric tools)


Directive machinery

EN 60204


Export markets

CB certification (standards CEI & EN + national deviations)

Access to mark of conformity


Robustness testing

K20 / K21 / K45


*Non exhaustive list, please contact us for more information

Dielectric rigidity set





IP tests






  • Air conditionned room,
  • Calm-air chamber,
  • Climatic chamber,
  • Stabilised power supply, oscilloscope,
  • High voltage pulse generator bench,
  • Circular saw for transformers,
  • Equipments for hot wire ignition test and flammability test,
  • Equipment for IP tests,
  • Test finger,
  • Impact hammer,
  • Data acquisition systems for warm-up measures,
  • Equipment for dielectric rigidity test,
  • Automaton and specific test,
  • ...




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